Now this proves we are crazy!

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Jan 17, 2010
Well I must be crazy. I am getting a baby fox to raise. My uncle is bringing it over on Sunday. It is out of a litter of 6 one died. The person that has them trapped the momma in a steal trap only to find the pups living under a near by building crying for the mom. The eyes still closed. So now that they are getting bigger they need help with them as 5 pups are hard to handle. So as I have raised babes of all kinds I offered to take on one. So now I am raising the preditors.
I hope it doesn't eat my chickens! I will raise in in the rabbit cage at first to keep it safe. Then I will build it an appropriate pen. Then we will see what happens after that. I already have a game breeders license so I will just notify DNR of its presence here on the farm and that will be the legits of that. Then I may see if a local zoo or preserve wants it as it will not be able to live in the wild. If not it will have a forever home here. I love raising baby animals. So wish us luck.
Try to get the one that has the most white. They are proven to be easier to "befriend". There was a study done many, many years ago that tested this theory and found it to be true. When they bred the ones with the most white---each generation became more friendly and doglike. I found that very interesting.
My family and I rehabbed many different animals from the zoo. You never knew what you would find at our place. Bats, raptors, raccoons, Canadian & Eastern Timber Wolves-----man, I had a great childhood.
Well we have changed our minds about getting the lil fox. I don't think I have the time to rehabilitate a fox back to the wild at this time.
Me two!

Maybe you could teach the fox possibly to watch your chickens at night?

Good Luck, and have fun raising some naughty critters!
Aw, that's sad to hear. My dad raised a fox when he was in his teen years and he said they make wonderful pets. He also said that it's rare for them to become attached to more than one person.
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