Now what!?...chicken math!!!


9 Years
May 13, 2010
Petersburg,NY some may know, I have 15 9 week old chicks outside,decent size coop and 3/4 of an acre to free-range all day.I also hatched out some chicks(9) a week ago yesterday.I have some coming in the mail today or tomorrow..(6)..and I just ordered 4 more from MPC that will be shipped on the 28th.My question is.....can I mix the last batch in with the hatched chicks? There will be a 3 week difference...I hope so because I have only 2 brooder boxes and one has ducks in it.(Ducks way too big for chicks)and there are 3 cayuga ducklings in with the hatched chicks math?...or could it be POULTRY math??
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10 Years
Dec 28, 2009
Bellingham Wa
I had many ages and sizes this year. I found I needed More brooders (highest count 4 brooders, one mama w/ baby's nursery, teen coop and hen coop) This was for me as much as for the chickens. I didn't want to find a dead chick in the mix.
It worked, just storage bins from wal-mart and a lg. tween brooder we made with $20 worth of product.
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