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    Hello everyone:D my problem is this, I have a Buff Cochin hen that pecks the other chickens until blood, and then continues. It has taken me since early fall to find the one, I believe that I have the right one. I have a hen that got spurred by a rooster to the point of a deep gash. I treated her with Blu-coat and I isolated her until she healed to the point of no more blood, with the wound closing in. She did lose feathers, so she had exposed skin. I went outside on Wednesday and found her pecked open to the point of blood in the same opening. I needed to find out who was doing this so I left her with the other hens until yesterday, when I went out to check on her, she and another hen were alone in the coop, and the other hen had blood on her beak. I took that hen(the one with the blood on her beak) and put her in lock up, treated the other hen with antibiotic and again let her with the other hens to make sure that I caught the correct hen. I have all cochins, and they are all the same color that is why I did what I did. Today when I went out to let them outside, ,she was fine. There is no open wounds and she is being left alone. I check on her all through the day. How long do I wait and what do I do with the blood thirsty one that I think is the culprit. Should I wait a few more days to see if the hen with the wound is still doing fine,(maybe the antibiotic smell will keep the other chickens away, or should I assume that I have the correct hen who I believe is also eating eggs and cull her. I don't want to seem cruel by using the hen with the skin wound, but I don't know how else to find out who is doing this. [​IMG] Whoever it is has picked the feet of my rooster, and another hens feet to the point of blood. I put blu-cote on them and now there feathers are back, still blue, but back. That was awhile ago. They all have plenty of floor space, with water, food, grit, oyster shell, and Flock Block. I just want to make sure that I cull the right hen.[​IMG], and does that mean killing her?

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    I think that keeping the mean hen seperated for a day or two will give you your answer.

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