Now What?


10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
Ok I got a good size bone spur between my heel and arch.
I went and saw one foot Dr. that put me on a medication he shouldn't have. lets just say the side effects were terrible. With my history it should NOT have been done in the first place.
now the second Dr. sold me some inserts and after they quit stopping the pain, 3 days, she gave me a shot of cortisone in my foot, it stopped working after 3 days too. Not a pleasant experience. she wants to sell me some more inserts for $575, but DD's therapist who has been making these inserts for years said she can do them for around $250.
Dr refuses to write an order for them.

So right now I am hardly able to walk. Does not matter which pair of shoes or boots I put on it hurts.
I called my personal Dr and I am waiting to hear from her.

Anybody else go through this?
I'm so sorry! Hope you get better soon!
Both my mom and my aunt did. The shots worked for my mom and she was fine after a few rounds. My aunt on the other hand had to get surgery to remove it and was in a boot cast for a couple of months.

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