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    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of getting an extra hen from someone local, and they claim they are NPIP, I looked it up, but how do I know that the hen I'm interested in is NPIP protected? In other words, what do I look for? I want to do the right thing. Thank you.

    ~ I was looking around on quarantining and NPIP makes me believe that I can quarantine for 2 wks safely with an NPIP chicken. Is this correct? Any advice would be appreciated!
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    NPIP simply means that her flock has been tested. It is done annually and it certifys that her flock is free of Pullorum and is Typhoid Clean. She should have a certificate from her State and you can ask to see the certificate to be sure it is current.
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    All my chickens that are tested thru the state also get a leg band with a number on it. The paper that you get from the state has the numbers on it and you can see what chickens have been tested! Hope this helps!
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