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    Thumbs up to that!
    I can tell you that my flock LOVES the sunshine, and even on hot days will sprawl out and soak up the rays most of the day. They will search out and pile on top of each other if there's a 12" spot of sunshine! Pretty comical.

    I've had a couple battles lately. My one roo a few days ago. I had to bring him in to the garage one night. Blue Kote the next day and he was okay to go back. Last night I had a hen whose comb was all bloody. Not sure who did it, but I'm assuming one of the roos. She was actually dripping blood as I was carrying her. Separated her for the night and day and she also went back this afternoon (after some Blue Kote). I am NOT amused, and I'm hoping that one guy comes to get Oreo soon. This drama is too much for me.
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    TOB, I used landscape ties on a crushed stone/stone dust mix for a foundation and floored with 5/8 particle board and then tacked a vinyl floor remnant (8x12) around the edges. Then built the walls on top of the vinyl. No holes and cleans nicely. I deep litter with whatever is handy: straw, shavings, leaves, hay chaff, whatever is dry and won't hurt chickens. Clean twice a year and throw scratch feed on it every morning so they stir it around. I use a square ended shovel to clean and a paint scraper (carefully) to work the dried on stuff off. No problems with tearing so far and like someone else said, it mops up nice.



    I attached a run and built a raised bed/trellis for cucumbers. This is all on a steep hillside and I had an excavator carve out a flat strip to build on. This year I plan to extend a fence down the hill for more protected foraging. Used the more expensive polycarbonate for the roofing and it is holding up well to snow and ice. I used the smoke colored sun block with a sheet of clear in the middle for a skylight. Playhouse windows off eBay with wire inside and out to keep out predators and prevent breakage.
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    I hope so!!!!
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    Of course I hope so too. I really really wish I could host, but parking is a HUGE problem....every time I think of inviting people over I CURSE the idiots that decided to put the septic system across the property at the end of the driveway, instead of running it OUT toward the back of the property.

    I will gladly help anyone who steps up to host. The first year we got together we raised $110 bucks with the Chinese Auction...the second year we raised more than that (but thews exact figure is lost in my mind somewhere) That money goes directly to the host family to offset the cost of anything they have to pay (and don't have the funding for) such as extra toilet paper, extra water bill, extra trash removal, etc.

    Every year the auction donations get better and better. Last year we almost had enough items to have a separate Chinese auction for the children. If we have enough children coming, we might want to consider doing 2 auctions....might raise more money....definately raise more interest and better cooperation among the children.
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    Thanks for sharing pics of the coops. I love that everyone shares their ideas!
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    I have enough parking on my lawn, but my few chickens are not nearly as interesting as Tab's barn full.
    Just tossing this out there as an idea: I know a farm in Cortland County right along Rt 81 between Homer and Preble that does organic pasture raised poultry. Never checked if they have a website, Cobblestone Valley Farm. They are a small organic dairy first, but also have the chickens and strawberries for income. If no one is up for the task of hosting, I could see if they do tours. Then we could do picnic lunch at Little York park. Or if you prefer to buy lunch, Bob's BBQ is a short drive away.
    ETA: http://cobblestonevalley.com/
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    Minor problem is some of us bring birds to sell, add to the auction and/or pre-arranged sales....don't know if another location would want other birds on their property and if the birds would survive if left in the car during a tour of another location.....If you have space for parking and tables we bring our own entertainment....US!!! (and some of us are pretty darn entertaining) Since I am always the one advocating a get together, I am more than willing to run/supervise the Chinese auction (I still have tickets....a roll of them sure does last a long time.) I have a pop up canopy I can bring to add shade to the location.
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    Everytime I see pics I get new ideas. NOT a good thing really. It means more modifications and more work.

    Every situation / location is different and require specific things I think.
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    Feb 28, 2009
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    Well now I wonder if there might be a state park that could accomodate us. We have one nearby that has bathroom facilities and it is a free park. I suppose I could check into it. There are picnic benches and I think grills.
    Considering the size of last years pic nic it would be big enough.

    It's right on part of the old Erie canal and has a walk/biking/ joggin trail along the Canal. It's very nice. Google it and you can see pictures. You can even bring a Kayak or canoe I think. Here's the information if anyone wants to check it out.

    Cedar Bay Park & Picnic Area

    Cedar bay road, Fayetteville, NY 13057

    315 637 6111 and 315 446 9250

    You could also visit the new Destiny Mall. There are some really nice new restuarants if anyone wants to spend a night and visit it before or after. I'm sure there is a page for the mall too.

    Also Cedar Bay is not far from Green lakes state park which has swimming if the anyone is inclined. Of course you can google that too.

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    Hi , is that 3 RIR for 15.00 total or 15 .00 each ? Are they hatchery or breeder chicks ? I live in Jordan.. are you near me ?


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