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7 Years
May 20, 2015
Hudson Valley New York
Hello All,
My name is Kate, I grew up in the country and have been obsessed with all birds from before I can remember. That led to me ordering my first flock of Bantams around age 15 (saved my babysitting money, went to the post office for a money order, and a month later had 36 chicks).
From there on it gets a little too teenage but now that I'm settled and with a family of my own a recent trip back to where I grew up and to visit my Aunt who was in all intensive purposes my "Feathered God-Mother" my children collected some eggs, and when I tested that we could incubate them I was SHOCKED their father was on board and perhaps as if not more excited about doing it. So I went searching my parents storage to find the last of 3 Hova-Bators I've had and about 25 days later we welcomed 5/6 bantam eggs ( one quit around day 11) and about a week later 14/16 ducklings hatched (one egg quit around the same day 11 due to a rolling air sac-before i knew how to properly handle such a case and the other fail was DIS after completely zipping, i assumed the egg was just pinched somehow making it impossible for it to emerge)
We have:
3 Children
1 Miniature Schnauzer
1 Pineapple Sided Green Cheek Conure
1 fresh water aquarium
1 guinea pig
and recently
2 Ameraucana bantam chicks
3 Pyncheon chicks
14 Mixed breed/Assorted ducklings (who are way more messy than i remember ducklings being)
ALL in my tiny Apartment in NYC
I would like to note that the hatching of eggs is what I'll limit myself to while living in an apartment, and the following week or two after hatch, which is why I joined this lovely community =) hoping I can sell or trade with nearby enthusiasts for hatching eggs or cash-to further support my urban farming.

Also note: I've convinced the man that my Hova-Bator that was pre owned before I acquired it 15+ years ago needed to be upgraded and I now am running the Brinsea Eco 20 with auto turn cradle. (YAYYYYYYY). I should admit though that the oldie did a statistically stellar job 24/26 >92% hatched and thrived.

Looking forward to making friends and connections!

Kate of NYC
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Congratulations on the successful hatches! Good luck with the urban hatching project!
Nice to meet you Kate, glad you joined us at Backyard chickens. Sending good hatching vibes your way
Hello and

We're glad you decided to join Backyard Chickens!

Feel free to ask any questions, there is a lot of great info here, I'm sure you'll find answers.

Have fun with your chicken adventure!

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