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    The following excerpts are from the newspaper obituary for a man who was very devoted to the health and welfare of poultry.
    Dr. Scott William Hinners Sr., age 97, died Thursday in Metropolis, IL. Dr. Hinners received a B.S. degree at the University of Illinois in 1934, a M.S. degree at Purdue University in 1942 and a Ph.D. degree at the University of Illinois in 1958. He served as a VoAg instructor, Extension Poultry Specialist at Purdue University, Executive Sec.Treas. for Indiana State Poultry Assn., and manager of Fairview Poultry Farm in Metropolis, IL. There are many other positions he held, and he did extensive research in the field of poultry nutrition, authored or co-authored over 100 scientific and popular articles, and was a member of various poultry associations.
    *this part is not an excerpt; it is only my opinion -- HOW FITTING THAT THE FUNERAL WAS OFFICIATED BY REV. JON COCKREL...*
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    Perfect! [​IMG]
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    How incredibly fitting. With my luck I'll probably get a preacher named Hinney.
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    I think he would approve of that!
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    Quote:well maybe we can find one named Whinney ... that'll cover the horsin' around and tomfoolery aspect, won't it? [​IMG] J/K! You know we love ya... anybody that likes Sam Elliot has already got a lot going for them. ;-)

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