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    May 24, 2013
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    It all started nearly 13 weeks ago my sister brought home 3 baby duckling we didn't know the sex or breeds and just went with the flow? I became a member on here and u all helped with my questions , we now have 3 beautiful Swedish black ducks 2 males and 1 female I totally adore them I'm always on here reading and learning about ducks. At the weekend I started and nearly finished making their bigger pen and looked at the space n thought mmm more ducks, so today we came home with 3 female silver runners (no names yet) they are roughly a few weeks older than the swedes and I hope they can get along nicely, we have seperated them tonight and are going to put them in together again in the morning we just have a slight problem with one of the Swedish males chasing n neck rubbing and standing guard on the house , pool n food he has Neva behaved like this around the female swede is he getting ready to mate ?
    Well tomorrow is another day lets hope it's a brighter one and they get along better :)

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