odd egg inards

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    Oct 11, 2010
    I have a flock of over 30 egg layers-mixed breeds, mixed generations. Free range all day with access to compost.
    This is my first year to ever have an odd egg.
    The outside is typical white, once cracked, the egg white and egg yolk are indistinguishable and it is slightly milky in color. Not that great smelling either.
    I gather eggs regularly from the laying boxes.

    Anyone got suggestions?
    I can't comfortably give my eggs away for fear I may ruin someone's appetite or trust in the backyard chicken.
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    That sounds like an old egg. The thin consistency could be from partially incubating a non fertile egg. What you have described is how some of mine look after 10 days in the bator. Could a hen have been on that particular egg for several days and you just didn't reach under her to get it?

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