Odd egg laying habits of my BL girl !


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
We have 2 BL about 10mths old and 2 silky bantams a little younger. A few months ago one of the BL's "Miss Prissy" laid a huge egg 102g and ever since her eggs haven't been the same. normal size egg for her was about 80g. she has been laying soft shell, thin rough shell, in the nesting boxes and from her nightly roost spot and just lately has started laying thin shelled with the tip being a bit bubble shaped but seem to be better quality shell...i'm hoping its just an injury from the big egg and she is slowly recovering...anyone had the same happen to their girls? we've tried vit D, extra grit hasn't really helped her and they all get about 2-3 hrs in the afternoon greenpicking.

We live in Queensland Aust. and its just come into autumn its a little cooler at night but days are still 28 deg c. Oh miss prissy is very aggressive at present too, bullying the broody silky., she's getting quite bad....she could be moulting, but that's only just started say a month ago.

Any help or info would be appreciated.
It is common for a hen after laying a whoa-daddy of an egg to take a break from the over sized adventure. She may have used up all her calcium necessary for the shell. Give her a while and she should pick up again. They will probably start off smaller than usual or she may not skip a beat and give regular sized eggs soon enough.

I have this happen often with the turnover of birds I have here and 98% of them bounce back within a week or so. Oyster shell or crushed egg shells will help get the calcium on a roll again. Steve

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