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    One of my girls just started laying 4 days ago. She's given me an egg every morning. Although small (I call 'em peewee eggs hehe), they look like normal brown eggs.

    Today I got my brown egg this morning. Later (early afternoon) I heard someone singin' the egg song, so I went out and couldn't find another egg. So I went back in. Just a few minutes ago I went out again, to check, and I almost missed it...it blended well with the pine shavings. It's almost perfectly round, and has weird patterns or circles (I dunno what to call it) on one side of the egg. What does this mean, and why isn't it brown? It's like the color of my skin without a suntan. I'm pretty sure I know who laid the egg...since when I heard that egg sound this afternoon, I watched one of my 21 week old barred rocks come out of the coop.

    Also, I went out to just double check, and I found a broken egg up against the wall of one of the nesting boxes. If I hadn't put my head IN the nesting box, I would have never saw it. I'm sure the same hen laid the egg, cuz it's the same color (peach or apricot...like a crayola crayon), and my son thought she was the one who laid the brown egg yesterday cuz she was in the nesting box.

    Any insight??



    Here it is next to the brown egg from this morning:


    And next to a store bought white large egg:


    So, what's going on with this egg???
  2. I don't know what causes it but my chickens have laid some eggs with circles, bumps and lumps, also perfectly round to bullet shaped.

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