Odd feather loss....


11 Years
Aug 23, 2008
OK, so just today I notice that one of the girls is missing feathers on the front of her neck...I mean all of the feathers on the front of her neck, down to the skin. It's been a long tough winter here in Montana and I haven't been able to let them out of their hen house/enclosed coop for about 3 weeks. I didn't notice it the last time they were running around the backyard. Now, this is one of the hens that lost feathers near her tail...but I thought the crazy bird was getting too close to the heat lamp (her tail feathers are "trimmed" and it looks like they are neatly singed). This happened to another of the girls, but the other 4 are fine???? I noticed that "feather burned girl #2" is starting to grow feathers on the "singed" spot near her tail, but the little bared necked hen has me concerned. I've only had my flock for about a year, so I still consider myself new to the backyard chicken clan. She seems fine, except for this...healthy, laying, running around the backyard this afternoon when I let them out, so I'm confused?? Thoughts or ideas appreciated.


12 Years
Oct 2, 2007
Lincoln, Illinois
do you have roosters? maybe they got too rough, and where do you live that you need a heat lamp? I know some people use them, I have lots of chickens and have never used a heat lamp even in the winter. only for the baby chicks.
sounds like you need to raise the lamp away from the chickens!

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