odd looking egg?

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    I'm sorry I can't post a picture of it because we lost the battery charger for the camera. BUT...I have an injured hen who is seperated from the rest of the flock at the moment. And it seems that these new BO's are really young as they lay quite a small egg compared to some of my older hens. This morning I went out to check on the isolated chicken and her egg was there next to her with a dent in it. The top of the egg is hard and the bottom of the egg is soft and tinted slightly darker than the rest of the egg, as if it were wet, but it isn't. The egg shell is completely in tact otherwise. Does she need additional calcium?

  2. She MIGHT. OR it might just be an odd egg from a pullet. I would offer oyster shell free choice and let her decide what she needs.

    I hope your injured bird gets back to the flock soon!
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    I jsut put out oyster shell for my gals, after a cracked egg in the nest yesterday. They looked at me like I was nuts.... [​IMG]
  4. Quote:Well, you WERE supposed to put out a bowl of crickets and meal worms. Didn't you know?!?!
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