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    Mar 16, 2007
    Piedmont of Virginia
    Two years ago, I had folks on the old site rolling over photos I took of a White Midget turkey-hen I had that shared a nest-box with an Araucana bantam-hen.

    I have a new phenomenon...

    A Guinea-hen and an Araucana bantam-hen...
    in the same nest...
    setting on the Guin's 2 dozen eggs! [​IMG]

    On top of that, I have 5 1-month-old guin-babies, and 3 doz. pippin' their shells tonight in the incubator.
    These are all this one guin-hen's offspring! [​IMG]

    Oh... I got her from Counselor5 last summer... who had problems with his hens laying last year. [​IMG]

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