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    My daughter just called--they had breakfast for supper and found something odd in the scrambled eggs. (These are not eggs from me, it's winter and only have 2 hens of laying age, one just finished molting so we won't get an egg a day until sometime in Feb) So, she noticed nothing out of the ordinary when she was scrambling the eggs but, once on the plate, there was this thing that looked like a "frog eyeball" in them. They fished it out and it was hard and squishy. Cut it open and didn't see anything identifiable. But it was green! Sorry, she didn't think to get a picture and they just tossed it. Any thoughts what it could have been? I think she tossed the rest of that carton just to be on the safe side. (In my imagination, I'm seeing the holiday baking with something like that in a cookie or cake--yuck)

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    It was probably the classic frog eyeball thing. Whatever that is?[​IMG]
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    Sometimes parts of the oviduct lining comes off and ends up in the egg, in store bought eggs they will sort that stuff out and use the eggs in other things. I am astonished by their being so scientific about it, I would have screamed and fed it to the dogs and not eaten eggs for a long while, there is occasionally some gunk in my eggs too, I always break them into a separate dish first. I think the correct term is meat spots.

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