Ode to the Fortitude of BA and BO hens.....

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    So yesterday morning I let the ladies and their two beaus out of the coop to get some fresh air and take a dust bath. We are covered with a couple feet of snow - so free ranging isn't exactly the correct term to use - but they were free to wander where they wanted to. Yesterday was the last day before we get the arctic blast that moved thru the midwest.....

    I get home from work... everyone is in the coop or so it looks, so I count beaks. ???? One buff orp and one black aust are MIA! Nooooooo! It was supposed to go to -10 last night and these girls are outside!!!!! Grab the flashlight and out I go searching. In vain.... no girls anywhere to be seen. [​IMG] The roos got duely scolded when I shut everyone in for the evening....

    First break of day this morning I go over to the henhouse.... there they are waiting to get back inside - Henny Penny and Blondie..... Whatcha got for a snack? We're kinda hungry...

    It got to -6 last night. Where the girls stayed I have not a clue. Checked them over and no frostbite or distress of any kind..... WOW. These two breeds put the H in hardy!
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    well, of course they went MIA on you! it only happens when you are:

    A. having horrid weather
    B. going to an important meeting or appt.

    two of my turkeys did the same thing the night before last. one on top of the coop and one way up in a blue spruce.

    told them if they wanted adventure, HAVE AT IT!

    next morning, when they heard the food dish being filled, they made a bee-line for the pop door. big goofs.
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