ODG, what did I do?

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    I started out chicken hatching with one incubator, one thermometer and one hygrometer...general instruments mind you. I foolishly thought there couldn't be that much too it. After I lost my first hatch I decided to try dry incubation and bought another thermometer to be more accurate with my temps. My first thermometer has always read 100 - 101 and at least half of my first hatch made it to lock down. So I put my second thermother in and come back two hours later and the temp read 110...AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I can't believe this...could my first hatch possible have made it so far if I had cooked them at 110? I have to go to work soon and won't be able to get to the store for another thermometer until the morning...what do I do?[​IMG]
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    If you had a 50% hatch rate last time, there's o way your temperature had been 110 for very long. The proteins that build life begin to breakdown at 105 degrees. I highly recommend to calibrate your instruments.[​IMG]

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