Im just getting started myself, trying to learn some quality breed mates. I currently have a bb red pair, a silver lavender roo, a BR hen, a silver sebright roo, and 3 silver duckwing roos (6 months)
I’m planning on it, in the spring. I had a pair of black breasted reds but my pullet died. Do you?


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Thanks. He is very nice looking! I'm looking for a blue or black birchen hen now to try and breed the lavender. From what I'm reading after 2 generations I should be able to get more lavenders. Going to be keeping the bb red pair together alone and see if I can get some eggs from them. I was hoping for more bantam enthusiasts for tips and help it's not looking so good for that!
They are gorgeous. Are you going to be selling chicks or eggs?
This is my cockerel.
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