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  1. Hi!
    Anyone know how to figure the percentage of splash chicks from this:

    There are 9 blue hens, 2 splash hens, 4 black hens with a blue rooster(s).

    I know splash can only come from breeding blue x blue (50% blue, 25% splash, 25% black)
    blue x splash (50% blue, 50% splash).

    Maybe someone smarter than me can figure the chances of getting a splash chick from a days' worth of eggs from those 'odds' (assuming they were all laying at a given time).

  2. If all the hens laid in one day and if all were fertile, looks like you would have the chance of ending up with 3 to 4 splash out of the mix.
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    I would also agree with the above post of 3-4 chances of splash from a days worth of eggs.
  4. Thank you both so much!
    Someone asked me and I couldn't wrap my brain around a possible number.
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    It looks like 21.6% of your chicks should be splash, assuming all hens are laying equally. One egg from each hen should yield 3.25 splash chicks.

    36.6% should be blue
    41.6% should be black

    (ps, I love math, and genetics!)
  6. Thanks Bailey, do you mind if I use your figures?
    I know it only is really applicable per 1000 eggs or so, but saves asking.
    I'm about to move the black hens out (to an undisclosed location).
    Could you calculate the percentage of splash chicks from just the 9 blue girls and 2 splash girls with blue roo.

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    Quote:I realize you are using only blue roos, but I wanted to make sure you know that Splash X Splash = 100% Splash
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    Without the Black, you would get...
    29.5% Splash
    50% Blue
    20.5% Black

    If you are shooting for the most splashes, then certainly take the black hens out of the mix. Splash to splash should give all splash. I don't have any actual experience, but I think I'm pretty clear on how it all works.

    Feel free to use my numbers. I can't promise this is how it will actually play out, it's just statistics.

    Are these for the blue Ameraucanas I see on your page? If so, you breed me a nice Splash roo, with no crow, so I can put him over my Cuckoo Marans hen to make sex linked Olive Eggers with blue plumage!

    Maybe I'll send my girls on a little vacation to get knocked up!

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    It's one thing to estimate percentages & another thing to deal with reality. Those percentage estimates would be accurate if you were talking about hatching 10,000 chicks. For smaller hatches they very well may not hold true just because the sample size is too small. When I was raising Andalusians I would sometimes get a hatch with no splash birds or no black birds. It's equally possible to hatch a small group of eggs from your flock & get all splash.
  10. Thanks, yes, someone asked me about possible percentages from my Am' pens.

    "...I know it only is really applicable per 1000 eggs or so..."


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