Off grid light source?

Princess Lay-a

9 Years
May 17, 2010
Great Falls
We will be fencing the llamas pasture and setting up the coop in the next two weeks. The chicks will be around 4-5 weeks old and two will be older, 11 weeks. Many of the littlest ones are nearly fully feathered already!

We do have colder nights still, but it should change dramatically this month. The land we are building on has no power and I was wondering about a "night light". I read that younger ones feel more secure with one.
I could start turning the light off here, but that would make them colder till the weather changes. How about a solar light out near their coop? Would that work?
Do lights encourage or discourage predators?


11 Years
May 14, 2008
NE Wisconsin
I don't think younger birds need a light. They'll do just fine without one. We have solar lights that illuminate the outside of our coop, mainly so we can lock the birds up at night without having to carry flashlights. They don't scare away predators at all, but I don't think they attract them either. An advantage of the lights is that if we hear a commotion, we can go out and look and actually see what's out there bothering the birds.

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