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  1. missamy352

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    Dec 22, 2010
    I am very new to chickens flock was hatched 6-12-10 americanas .. I have a beautiful cream hen (Ester Mae) I noticed Sat she had dirty bum .
    So after reading flushed and washed her bum (vent) and gave her blower to dry kept in house and out to coop (have heat lamp!! next day very puny and cold comb had turned purple ... back to house to clean vent again in warm water & dawn !! so got lubrication and little finger up vent not far do not feal anything!!
    now Monday vent is somewhat pasty and will clean again and keep her in dog crate in house tonight as will b cold (30)?? cannot determine if is egg bound . this did happen after I gave them tangerines !?!?!Please help do not want to lose her ... through my inexpedience did lose sweet hen last week to impacted crop did not know signs of distress until too late ! could not get any vet to necropsy so did myself to see that was full of old hay (horrible ) really failed her !! Hope I can save Ester Mae!!!! [​IMG]
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    Mar 22, 2010
    not sure whats up but a purple come is a sign of poor circulation/heart trouble. also look up pasty butt, have heard about this on this site. a warm bath helps with eggbound hens also. hope she gets better
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    I have noticed there poop gets runny when they have worms. Also a pale comb and not much appetitie. Usually will be better in a few days after worming. Not sure if this is your problem though.

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