Off to the Fair!!!

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  1. We selected and washed my daughters chickens this afternoon for the Allen County 4h Fair. We chose 3 really nice Cornish X broilers to wash and will take the two that match the best tomorrow. We als went through all 25 of her Black Sex Link pullets and chose the two with the best soundness and the largest egg canals.

    We used the washing instructions we found here on BYC and are really happy with the way the birds look. This is my daughters first year and I hope she has fun and learned a little. Now if we can get some support for her at the Auction next Monday.

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    Jan 31, 2008
    Good luck and I hope you bring home a win!!! [​IMG]
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    Good luck, I wish her all the best.
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    Good luck.

    How do you tell how big their egg canal is?
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    Good luck. I remember fair days when I was in FFA and 4-H.
  6. Quote:You palpate the hen to determine the width of the pubic bone and the length between the keel and pubis. The two pullets we selected were 1.5 fingers wide between the pubis and 3 fingers between the keel and pubis.


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