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  1. Up for sale is 15 Buff Orpington Eggs for $20, s&h included
    These will be shipped Saturday 3/28

    I have 15 eggs now and will ship the eggs I get on Friday and Saturday! (I get 3-7 eggs a day!)

    I have worked very hard on my Buff Orpington lines and the pictures just dont do them justice.. I am still working on improving my lines because as many say, "there is always room for improvement". I want to reassure customers, my birds are not mixed in a flock with other chickens, as Buff Orpingtons are the only adult chickens I currently own. All money made on my chickens goes BACK into them 100%.

    Buff Orpingtons lay a LARGE light brown egg, and they love to hatch eggs!

    I wrap each egg in bubble wrap and mark the box with, "FRAGILE", "LIVE EMBRYOS" and "HATCHING EGGS" ... I have had great luck with my current shipping method. And if many break or if you have a bad hatch I WILL RESHIP YOUR ORDER FOR THE PRICE OF SHIPPING! I also include lots of extras [​IMG]

    Heres a post showing you how your eggs will be packed:

    https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=1834548#p1834548 (thanks Bil)

    I have shipped multiple orders this year and all have gotten there safe! [​IMG]

    I have tested my BO fertility 10-11 times this year and I have gotten 100% fertile and 98%-100% hatches in my own incubators... I have two roosters over seven hens so thats pretty fertile!

    Any questions on my birds, feel free to PM me!

    If you would like to order some eggs for shipment on a later week, PM me and we will pick out a date and I will PM you two weeks prior for payment...

    If you want to buy these eggs, please post sold and send paypal to [email protected]



    Here are some pictures:





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  2. These ship in the morning! Now the offer is for 15 eggs!
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