Ended Official 2020 BYC Halloween HAL - Trick or Treat and Count These Things that are Good to Eat - How Many M & M's?

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Aug 8, 2019
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I'm curious... Is this McPukes, BK, or Wendy's? How will we then expect such instant gratification updates to a thread contest? @Nifty-Chicken care to draw the curtain back a wee bit here please?

I'm under the impression that there is likely a handful (2-5 user ID's) that are working this (and by default the "green M&M" contest as well) so they all check it from time to time during the day. True? There is no algorithm that's active on the server that's 'chomping at the bit' to spring forth a post when the special number is posted. Correct? So by this logic (ignorant that I am here) the idea of such a delay means we should not be so quick to judge when an update will happen OR when a correct answer will be verified and congratulations given?

@muddy75 @Kiki either of y'all care to chime in here? (I'm not sure whom else to tag that have been running recent contests in here)
So..... I can't find any answer to this question as of yet....

My next legit guess is : 1150
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