Official BYC Poll—Why Do You Have Chickens?

Why do you raise chickens?

  • Pets

    Votes: 448 73.7%
  • Eggs

    Votes: 546 89.8%
  • Meat

    Votes: 122 20.1%
  • Fertilizer

    Votes: 179 29.4%
  • Pest Control

    Votes: 174 28.6%
  • Exhibition

    Votes: 42 6.9%
  • For Resale

    Votes: 59 9.7%
  • Other (specify in comments)

    Votes: 70 11.5%

  • Total voters


Nov 18, 2018
The same for me, except someday came about 18 months ago. I have lost one, so have nine hens. They are pets, I admit. I have even trained one to jump up on the outside perch at a whistle. Now she jumps up there when she sees me coming. I got them a few days past hatch, so they think I am Mom.
2 Americaunas, 5 Gold Stars, and 2 black Austrolorpes. Lots of eggs, which I like.
I find them to be fascinating animals, very smart and each with their own personality.


Apr 28, 2016
New York
I picked eggs, pets, and other.
I originally got chickens for eggs. I didn't think I would fall in love with them as much as I have. I didn't know chickens all have personalities, and I didn't know how much fun they are!
Once I got my chicks though, they became pets. Now I mainly just keep them as pets, and the eggs are a bonus.
I chose 'other' because they make me happy. They always bring a smile to my face, no matter what. I just love knowing that every morning I can go out and see them, pet their soft feathers, and hear their soft little clucks.

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