Official BYC Poll: How do you name your pet chickens?

How do you name your pet chickens?

  • We don’t name our chickens!

    Votes: 23 7.3%
  • We let the kids name them.

    Votes: 56 17.7%
  • We give them old-fashioned names (Flora, Prissy, Hazel, etc.).

    Votes: 57 18.0%
  • We start their names with the same letter (Bailey, Barb, Beatrice, etc.).

    Votes: 7 2.2%
  • We name them by personality (Sassy, Gabby, Bossy, etc.).

    Votes: 75 23.7%
  • We name them after food (Peanut, Nugget, etc.).

    Votes: 63 19.9%
  • We don’t have a special system.

    Votes: 112 35.4%
  • We name them by appearance (Red, Fluffy, Lavender, etc.).

    Votes: 104 32.9%
  • Other (elaborate in a reply below)

    Votes: 99 31.3%

  • Total voters


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Mar 5, 2019
SE Missouri, USA
So, y'all probably gonna laugh, but ... I let them name themselves. Mostly I don't name them except the roosters, which I got a new one recently, a neighbor gave me to replace my BJG that a coyote got. So I'm looking at this nice big roo, and he's kind a bright orange color. His previous owners had said he was a barnyard cross and I can't make out what he is, but I like him. He has a nice upright stance and is very alert. Kind of majestic looking, actually, with smooth pink legs and what I would call a walnut comb. So I say, "Dude! What's your name?" And he goes, "I am known as Rojo Maximo!" And I say, "Oh. Big Red, huh?" And he says, " Si, señora. But you may call me Rojo if you wish." So, Rojo it is. I have no idea where he got the accent.

Of my 16 laying hens, only a few have names. One EE that appears to have some GLW in her is named Jewel; another very bold and inquisitive EE is Friendly, and a third goes by Blue, as she has some grayish feathers fore and aft among her rust ones.


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May 16, 2014
My teenage daughter is a big anime fan and also currently learning the Japanese language. This year all of our chicks received Japanese names. My daughter likes giving them names that are very difficult for me to pronounce.🤣
Sometimes named after anime characters that she likes or sometimes just Japanese words or names.
Currently we have a Kana, Hikari, Hanabi, Kinoko, Himawari, Odoriko.
We also have a Shetland Hen named Fiona, (Scottish) and two what we thought were Silverudds crosses (only one is) that have Swedish names.
In the past birds have gotten flower names and old fashion names.
When my daughter was in kindergarten we had a flock that all had celestial names like Galaxy, Nebula and Night Sky. She named these as well.
The roosters always end up being called “little man“ or “little stinker“ but they also have official names.
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Oct 12, 2021
It is extremely rewarding to name your chickens, transforming them from just egg-laying machines to house pets.

Despite the fact that there is no shortage of human names, you might want to give your chickens a more creative name. As with people, each chicken has their own unique personality. Chickens also have fine memories. Whenever you call out their names, they will come running, particularly if it is because food is in sight.

So we would like to find out: How do you name your pet chickens?

Place your vote above, and please elaborate in a reply below if you chose "Other". And feel free to share your chickens' names with us as well.

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So initially, you have day old chicks and by the time they are a week or two you see their personalities start to develop.

also, you might know what breed they are (or suppsed to be) like Whiting Blue turns into Blue and Blau (his girlfriend) who later became Mr Blue and Blau (2 Roosters)

then I had 2 FTTs (failure to thrive) and one had pasty but one had all the time (Spackles) and the other was a true PAIN and Drama Queen (Lucia Names after a relative with those traits). She was just SO NEEDY! Lucia Is an americauna or aurecana.

then there is the UGLY one in the bunch (Mr Spock) hopefully she is a hen! A black Langshan. Spackles is also one of those. The third one I don’t remember the name is also a black langshan. Very gentle ones they are. They barely have any

there is Juliet an Americauna or Aurecana (don’t rememberh

and fluffy (who is golden yellow orange color). She was a yellow fluff ball when a chick.
And Pika an orange shouldered something (from Japanese origin - the breed). She is so intelligent and right there in your face all the time.

then there are flip, flop and flee who all three look like owls in the face. Flop is now called Owl because she had the most personality and studies everything.

Then there are Stripe and Streak who turned out to be the most beautiful mahogany multicolored browns I have ever seen. One has 2 stripes and the other 2 streaks when babies. Obviously I have to rename them. (Or not) they are very classy acting and looking ladies.

if I missed anyone it is not n purpose, but you asked so I answered :)

Tuch baluch

Mar 19, 2021
I have named my chickens after pop culture characters, biblical names, food, and just random things. All of the chickens that I have and had in the past have been magenta, hange, lemonbar, raindrop, eaglebones, (aka eggo) falconhawk (aka falcon) together they create eaglebones falconhawk from the aqua bats. We also have puffs, Luke, and omner.


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Jan 28, 2018
Gower, Wales
I give pure breed chickens names from the country where that breed originated, and home bred hybrids get Welsh place names. Originally each one, of whatever type, started with a different letter, so that in my notes I can abbreviate to a single letter (S for Sven, for example).

I modified the system for the latest hatch as only the really tough letters are left (Q,X etc.). They are Penedesencas, so the system operates after an initial P: Paprika, Phoenix, Pip, Polka, Prada, Puffin (I already have a P in Pembroke, a SFH x Barbezieux), so their abbreviations are Pa Ph Pi Po Pr and Pu. Gender free names save having to rename them when I know what they are.


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Mar 19, 2021
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My Coop
I don't have any pattern I know of... Unless someone can find one:
Pippin- from lord of the rings
Fries- because chips are yummy
Pickles- inside joke
Kiwi- brown and spikey like a kiwi
Blue- veloceraptor from jurassic park
Clover- clover the 4-legged chick @Cecisflock
Darwin- the scientist
Basil- because it's cute
Raven- fully black
Ginger- has some orange on him

Names for my future d'uccles:
Peanut- @the_peanut_coop
Popcorn- mille fleur looks like popcorn, my dad chose it
Noodles- it's cute
Nutmeg- why not?
Sesame- mille fleur looks like sesame seeds


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Jul 31, 2018
Catalonia, Spain & UK
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Everyone should have a name.
I name some by personality. Others come to mind through parents names. Sometimes a sort of theme runs through the generations.

A young pullet got attacked and driven out of the tribe she lived with. She received a nasty wound on her neck that required antibiotic treatment. She got called Otic. She had a son. He got called Cillin from penicillin.

Another hen called Cheepy had a daughter who got pecked on her head when she was a chick. She got called Dink. Dink in English is a word for a small dent in something. Its probably slang.
Dink’s offspring got called Donk and Dent. Donk’s daughter got called Knock.

Anyway, here is a list of the names of the chickens in the tribes from Catalonia.

Tribe 1
Fat Bird

Tribe 2
Barking Bracket

Tribe 3

I am currently working my way through dreaming up names for twenty three Ex Batts and Rescues.

So far; Cloud, Henry, Matilda, Lima, Volt, Amp….

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