Official BYC Poll: Where Do You Get Your Chicks From?

Where Do You Get Your Chicks From?

  • From a hatchery

    Votes: 187 55.5%
  • From a breeder

    Votes: 90 26.7%
  • From friends & family

    Votes: 38 11.3%
  • From my local feed store

    Votes: 165 49.0%
  • Hatch them in an incubator

    Votes: 129 38.3%
  • Hatch them under a broody hen

    Votes: 112 33.2%
  • From BYC's Buy-Sell-Trade Section

    Votes: 6 1.8%
  • Other (elaborate in comments section)

    Votes: 14 4.2%

  • Total voters


Feb 26, 2020
As good an answer as any I suppose. Isn’t The percentage useless this way? Btw I voted. I use a breeder.
It just makes the interpretation a little different. The percentages represent the percent of voters who use a certain source for their chicks, not the percent of times a certain source was used. Sorry to butt in, I only have ducks, so I didn't vote. I'm just a huge math nerd, so I like looking at the polls. 🤓


Mar 7, 2020
Meridian, MS
Thus far, I selected hatchery and other. My “other” I’ve mentioned in many posts. MS has a bi-weekly paper called the MS Market Bulletin. It covers the entire state. ANYTHING agricultural is for sale. 2/3 of my poultry purchases have been from adds in The Bulletin. 1/3 from Ideal Poultry. I didn’t even know BYC had buy-sell-trade. It might need a more up front permanent spot on the home page. At the time I voted, the buy-sell-trade option had 0 votes.

I do, however, plan to start hatching some chicks of my own. I few upgrades to the old chicken farm are in order and will be implemented this spring!


Spicy Sugar Cookie
Apr 26, 2017
Most of them I've gotten from feed stores. I've hatched a couple under a broody too, and then I have three from a friend (one was very sick and she felt overwhelmed so I bought the sick one and two others, all thriving and happy now :) ). Hatching is such a wonderful experience, especially under a broody. Nothing compares to watching a hen raise her babies because it's amazing to watch and see that she knows exactly what to do! I do love hand raising myself because then you can form deeper bonds with them rather than if a hen hatched them. You're the mama then!


May 30, 2020
A friendly reminder that I’d like to share: Always quarantine ANY new birds you bring in, away from your permanent flock for about 30 days or more to prevent possible deadly diseases. Handle all new birds carefully and wash hands, clothing and equipment associated with the newbies. Practice good biosecurity to protect your birds from deadly diseases. Good luck to anyone getting birds this year!

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