Oh boy, sick flock...Please help

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    Hi there,
    I have 4 different pens this year, grow outs and what not. And my flock of 3-5 month olds, assorted breeds, are giving me trouble. Lots of sneezing, no discharge, no wheezing, just lots of sneezing. And a lovely bout with Cocci. I am treating with sulmet, and started them on terrimicin (sp) it was all I had on hand, and figured it was better then nothing, in case they in fact have a respiratory illness, but I am uncomfortable treating something that is technically unknown. Are there other symptoms to watch for besides the discharge/wheezing, or could they be terribly sick, and only have the 1 symptom? This is awful for any chicken owner, but this pen, is my big money pen, and I have really fallen in love and invested so much in them! I am open to any advice, and I am so grateful for any help. Thank you!
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    Has there been any environmental issues causing them to sneeze? Some examples would be pollen, dirt, dust from layer crumbles, smoke, lawn treatments etc...
    If you have determined that it's not environmental, consider purchasing denegard. Type "denegard" in the BYC search box and read up on it. It is for swine but can be used in chickens. There is no resistance to it and little withdrawal. There is a preventative dose and treatment dose that is mixed into water. Check it out if you get a chance.
    There are many types of respiratory diseases; some with different symptoms, some with the same symptoms. Here's a link to respiratory diseases for your info:

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