Oh boy - what have I done?


11 Years
Jan 26, 2008
Oh boy, now I've gone and done it. I've had 6 hens now for 1 year. We enjoy them so much we want to build a big coop. I've been arguing with myself for about 3 weeks now about ordering chicks now instead of waiting until spring. So very far away.

Me: Coop's not ready, don't order chicks.
Me2: But if you get them now, they can grow up over the winter and be laying before summer.
Me: Really can't afford to order now.
Me2: It's just money. Cut expenses somewhere else for one month.
Me2: Besides, this will make you hurry up and work on that coop!

Me2 won. Yep, did an online order today. Now as long as I don't get an e-mail from them saying this & that breed aren't available, I'll be happy. They're from WELP (hope they're good), and should mail out Wednesday the 13th. Must remember to go talk to the little local post office and see what time their truck comes. I'm in Oklahoma and Welp is in Iowa, so at least they're not coming across country.

So... some were ordered for interesting egg colors, some for interesting looking hens that we thought might make a pretty flock. My daughter's friend loaned us her incubator and told us to keep it. We'll buy hatching eggs later. This friend has been wanting to get some winter layers. She doesn't know it yet, but she's gonna get 7. Now if I can just figure out which chick is which. LOL. I might add, my daughter and I are both partial to Wyandottes, but unfortunately they didn't have any BLRW boo hoo. We'll just have to hatch some... later.

Here's what I ordered, day old chicks, all girl band;

for me friend
2 Buff Wyandottes
2 Blue Wyandottes
1 1 Gold Laced Wyandottes ( already have 1)
3 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes
3 2 Speckled Sussex
3 2 Barred Rocks
2 Blue Andalusians
3 Ameraucana
2 Golden Lakenvelders
2 Silver Lakenvelders
3 Welsummers

26 7 = 33 That's a lot of peeping. I'd better get busy on a brooder and either find or buy a lamp for warmth. LOL
What have you done? Just kidding, I can't wait to see the pictures of the little peepers! Make sure to update this thread ok!
sounds like another case of chicken math

look forward to seeing them grow pics please loads
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Winter chicks are great, not only for early laying next year, but for huddle/cuddle time around the brooder when it's nasty outside.

Sure, the brooder dust is unpleasant, but if you're as "relaxed" a housekeeper as am I, it's not all that awful until about halfway through the brooding cycle.... then it's suddenly horrendous.
Time to wipe things down in here!! And once the chicks ARE outside, that's good for initiating a full-blown cleaning session. I keep mine in my bathroom, so it's easy to clean.

There's only the one bathroom, so guests are kinda weirded out, but then they become entranced by the little cheepers. Some people actually almost understand why I am into chickens, then!

Chicken math is my main driver. Way lots better than any other entertainment, too.
GRYEYES: Relaxed housekeeper. Love it, and I'll be using it from now on. That's exactly what I am.

This little house and more acres I bought in April is a bit crowded as there are 4 of us in it now. It also has only 1 bathroom which is very narrow with only a shower, so the bathroom is out. This house is heated with a woodstove in the diningroom. And the diningroom being the roomiest room gets the vote. This is my first hatchery order, so I'm learning things already. Since Welp is in Iowa, I assumed that's where the chicks were coming from. Not so. They're coming from New Mexico. I only hope they get here next Friday so they aren't stuck somewhere over the weekend.
Good luck with your babes! I, personally, have not ordered directly from a hatchery.... I go through the local feed and supply store, who gets their chicks from Mt. Healthy.... I love them and so far haven't lost any at all! It's amazing! Whatever I'm doing right I'm going to continue! LOL

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