oh crud, is this a weeping egg?


10 Years
Jan 15, 2010
East bay
Its day 7
I thought I felt a couple tiny bumps on the egg when it was set but it was a gray day and I just figured it was shell bumps, now I shined a light on it and its got a ton of speckled shiny tiny dots like it was sprayed or in the path of a spatter. Is that what weeping look like? or was it near an egg that got broke?

I'm going to candle it soon as it gets darker. If its clear its tossed, but what if its alive? should I do anything about the tiny dried egg dots?
I'm not an expert, but I have incubated a few times... I would suspect that it might be weeping, try smelling the egg, but be careful...you don't want that to explode in your face...
I gave it a good wiff, it just smells like an egg, but from what little I could make out it looks like it might be clear.
No blood ring (seen those with budgie eggs, just never seen a weeping egg)
i would get rid of it just in case
especially if its clear. when one blows I have heard it is horrible!
It is probably weeping, if the bumps look sort of crystalline. The P.O. messed up a batch of eggs sent to me recently, lots of blown aircells and three of them started getting the bumps and so I removed them. They were pretty scrambled in there and were definitely seeping.

ETA: They did not smell, but I caught it early on.
Thanks everyone.
It does look crystaline so its going down the sink. Unfortunately it looks like one of the red dorkings is clear too, it sucks but they are shipped eggs and I think its still lucky at 2 out of 3 of the red dorks are showing development.

edit: I broke it open the weeper, it was not stinky but it was zero development (just yolk and white) so no guilt in breaking it.
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