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Apr 25, 2011
Armada, Michigan
I let my girls out of the coop so they could stretch their legs and enjoy the beautiful Michigan weather yesterday. I went inside and let them be. A few minutes later I heard the most awful squawking coming from the backyard!

Fearing that they were being attacked I ran outside to find “Chica” all alone and not happy. I called out to the rest of the ladies, but no luck. Chica followed me while we walked the back tree line looking for the rest of the flock…no luck. We checked the coop…nothing. She decided she would go to her safe place and ran into the coop.

I walked the entire property and found the rest of the girls on the other side of the barn; happily eating bugs and stuff.

I tried coaxing them back to the coop, but they were too happy doing what they were doing. So, I went back to get Chica. I found her in the coop. Breathing heavy and still squawking away; I could actually see the panic in her eyes. She let me pick her up and immediately settled down. I talked to her in a calm voice as we walked over to where the other girls were at.

I let her down and she immediately started her squawking again. This time her neck feathers were raised as she walked towards the others. She was mad and she was letting them know.

For the rest of the afternoon they all moved as a well-organized platoon of soldiers!!!
That's SO funny!! Oh, and just type in Michigan thread and it will probably pop up lol.
that is so funny!!!

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