12 Years
Nov 16, 2007
Southern Indiana
My BLRW went broody in the hay loft. She's sitting on at least 10 eggs! I have to move her or a baby will walk right over the edge. Will that mess up her broody chi?

Is this thing on?
That may be hard.
It's a loft that I can't even stand up in :p It's tiny and rickety. We have no idea how long she's been up there- at least a week. I may be able to move her tonight after lights out, and hopefully it won't disturb her TOO badly. I want her to stay broody!
If it were me I would get a nice roomy box for her and cut a hole in the front. Cover the bottom of the box with hay if that is what she is setting on. Move her and the eggs to the box as quickly as you can, and then move them in the box as opposed to seperatly.
I've moved hen that have been broody a week or more, you need a 'nest box' you will have to close her in for at least 12 hrs. do this at night its easier on her. the box should not have a lot of extra room. set up were you are going to put her. place her then the eggs in the box, place a cover in front of box do not remove cover for a least 12 hrs, watch her if she jump out place her back and cover, leave her 6 more hrs. she should stay after that.

I've done this many times work great,
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