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    Nov 2, 2010
    So we got Spruce in August last year... she was probably like 6 weeks then. Spruce is an Angora/Mini Rex...
    Spruce thinks she's having babies [​IMG]She hasn't been in contact with any males, just my other female rabbits (Yes, those are girls. They've had babies) So, she is digging in her cage, picking up hay. She just had a wad of timothy hay in the cage. She has been really snippy lately, growling at me (exactly what my pregnant does did), and not letting me touch her. This is only in her cage. When she is out of her cage, she is fine. She has pulled hair (Just a little, and it's randomly scattered). Poor Spruce... she wants to have kids D:. Wait.. there is another male in her cage! His name is Mr. Ducky, and he is a stuffed duck. [​IMG]
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    Have any of the other does been mounting her? That can be the cause of a false pregnancy, which can be the cause of the behavior you are seeing. I know, we rabbit people often say that's a sign that a rabbit "wants to be bred", but I really doubt the rabbit has any idea what she's doing. As you know, rabbits don't do what we usually think of as "going into heat," though they do experience hormonal cycles. One of the highest hormone peaks they ever have occurs when they give birth, which may explain why nest-making behavior can occur when a doe hasn't been near any other rabbits, and why most does breed readily if taken to a buck after such an episode.

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