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  1. So we're going to special order some turkeys, not sure on the breeds tho, I dont know too many but heres what I came up with

    Midget whites (for sure gonna get them, had them before and SO SWEET)

    Royal palm (beautiful, yet how friendly are heritage turkeys?


    Bourben red

    any suggestions? We've mostly dealt with meat turkeys so not sure what to expect with a heristage breed, we also want a breed that tho may be a little pricey might be popular or something cause we're prolly gonna breed them and sell their chicks

    Thanks y'all for the help!
  2. Louise's Country Closet

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    Feb 5, 2010
    Garrison, MN
    My vote is for the Bourbon Reds. We have 5 of them and they are so FRIENDLY! I call them my big dog-birds, because they act so much like dogs.. and my males get HUGE so they'd be great for a meat bird.
  3. abobwhat

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    Mar 30, 2011
    Is one breed more or less noisy than another?
  4. Lagerdogger

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    For friendly turkeys, I would go with Bourbon Reds or Narragansetts. Royal Palms seem a little more standoffish than thos two. Midget whites have been the least friendly of the heritage breeds at our place (but still much more friendly than any chicken!!). I think they are all friendly if you spend enough time with them.

    And they are all noisy.

    If you want to sell poults, Royal Palms always seem to be in demand. Bourbon Reds too. Lots of people have never heard of Narragansetts.
  5. kuntrygirl

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    Bourbon Reds are VERY friendly in my opinion.
  6. So far we ARE getting bourbon reds (from what we've heard from y'all)

    Our midget whites would chase after me, well not like chase but if I ran the would run with me [​IMG] I was their mama

    I always thought royal palms might be standoffish (i dunno why) but yes we want to sell poults and meat adults, so bourbon reds so far are PERFECT (LOL) and so are midgets, still debating wether narragansetts or royal palms, yet so far im leaning to royal palm

    Any other breeds you recommend?
  7. I know this is a weird question since turkeys arent really laying birds but

    Out of these (or any breeds you reccomend) whos the best layer? We donate eggs and eat some ourself, so eggs would be a good bonus [​IMG]

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