"Ohio" brooder safety question


8 Years
May 6, 2011
Hi there,

I am brooding 52 chicks under the hoover brooder aka Ohio brooder. It's great so far, but I am a little concerned about how close the head lamp is to the shavings. The design I used said to place the light three inches from the bottom of the side wall, which ends up being about nine inches above the shavings.

I'm feel like it's unlikely the shavings will get hot enough to combust because the bottom of the brooder is open and there is little risk of the bulb falling out of of the socket onto the floor. However, everyone says to keep the 250 watt at least 18 inches from anything flamable, and there are so many brooder fire horror stories, that I'm nervous.

Anyone else have any experiences with this? Suggestions or ideas? I'm thinking of modifying the brooder so that if I want to use a 250 watt bulb I can mount it from the top and it will be significantly higher off the ground.

Not my pics, but a couple of examples:

I came upon your thread when I searched on "Ohio Brooder." I am considering building one of my own. I can only offer my thoughts, as I have no experience, firsthand.I know it depends greatly on the outside temperature, but I would think that two 250W bulbs would be too hot. I would think 100W would be enough (except that my DH says they are not making 100W incandescent bulbs, anymore. Maybe four 60W bulbs? I am in Alabama and we don't get really cold temperatures very often.

BTW - Your brooder looks very nice!!

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