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I have noticed that my browsing and posting on BYC has SLOWED considerably... then I noticed that before I change or post that is says it is waiting for "reviewum.net"... then it goes to BYC.

Is this spyware or something... how do I get it to stop?

Nifty? Any ideas???
My fiance is an IT guy and he says it's a hijacker. Download spybot from safer-networking.org. After you download it, click on the get updates key, then click on check for problems. It may take awhile because that program goes through EVERYTHING.
Trying to place a virus on your machine. Some people have nothing better to do. Get the spybot on ASAP. It will save you in the future too. Seriously. My fiance does this for a living for 5 different locations at work.
Mine was slow too and everything came up just fine now. Always got the spyware going...you never know who is lurking in the webs lately!
Adaware is good too, but spybot will capture everything, adaware catches things that cause pop ups. If you are online alot, spybot is the way to go. It;s what we use at work too.
I have been having the same issue with BYC/SS the last couple of days on and off. I have up to date protection, I think it has been the server?? Not sure though.

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