OK, do I need to get grit?

They don't need grit until you start feeding treats as far as I know, they need it to break down Bugs and veggies and things. I just bought Cockatiel grit when I started feeding treats.
If you will be giving them treats or if they are going to eat grass, etc. then I would say yes.

If they will be in a coop or brooder with nothing to eat save the feed, then technically no, according to people's testimonials here on BYC.

But the McMurray website says at three days to offer grit sprinkled like salt.

I always keep my chickens in grit! I have three bags of grit in my garage: size #1, #2, and #3.

I also like to do it because I SEE them eating pine shavings. Ugh.
I have never used grit for my hens. I use sand.

But that won't be for a while with this batch of ladies since they are just 6 days old.
ok; well they just get the plain feed and tear at the paper to get to the pine shavings..but i'm not sure they consume the pine shavings..I just see them pecking..but never paid
attention to see if they ate it or not..
In your location you should have a lot of granite around. It makes a difference what your soil is like, where you live. Around here the "rocks" are limestone which is soft, so I figure they need grit. In East TN I wouldn't buy grit, either.
I just posted the same thing today. I had mine on paper towels and everyone said after three days it was safe to remove the paper towels, so I did and they've had the best time scratching today. It's so cute. At the age of yours, I've been told they should know the food and not eat the wood chips.

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