ok EE question

If you are talking about Hatchery EE's it is going to hard to say.
They will have some Ameraucana in them but other that that who's to say.

I think its everything but he kithen sink. I just purchased a young blue male EE. Was told he is mixed with Barred Rock. Also got a Black EE pullet that they said had Buff Orpington. Both are strikingly beautiful with puffy cheeks.
A true EE (which is something of an oxymoron as EEs really are just fancy mutts) is supposed to have an ameraucana parent. Doesn't mean that all of them do.

My understanding is that to be an EE they will have green legs, a pea comb and puffy cheeks, but again they are mutts so there are no hard and fast rules. Most people want their Easter Eggers to lay a green egg, but I have heard of some laying pink and blue. I have an EE that lays a brown egg. Go figure.
Well see I was wondering because 3 months ago I got some EE chicks so they aren't laying yet, but I just hatched a few mutts and one looks amazingly like me EEs did when I first got them. That's why I was wondering what made them. All he is missing is the green legs. His dad is definatly a white leghorn, mom is either RIR, BR, SLW or black star (atleast I think that's what she is) he has a pea comb can't tell puffy cheeks yet he is still young. Ill up load a pic of the little guy so u can see
EEs are typically a mix which includes at least one blue egg layer, allowing for blue or green egg laying chicks. Future generations can also include brown & "pink" (really a shade of pale brown) egg layers. If one of the chickens in the mix doesn't have a blue egg gene, it is unlikely to be an EE, it is just an interesting "barnyard mix".

Muffs and beards on chicks should be apparent when they hatch ~ they don't usually appear later.

EE's legs are typically green ~ but can be other colors. A lot of EE's hatch with chipmunk looking colors, but not all, I have some EEs that look very much like my pure Ameraucanas as they are 2/3 Ameruacana and 1/3 cuckoo Marans.

Three of my EE have a spangled russian orloff daddy and have yellow legs, beards & muffs and a pea comb. Two of them lay blue/green eggs and one lays a brown egg.
I didn't think I made an EE but it looks so similar. The only one with a pea comb in the whole mix is my SLW so I thought it kinda odd that its shade of brown being that the daddy is white.

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