OK ...here we go again...just not as bad this time..

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Bec, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Bec

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    Alrighty..well a few weeks ago I posted just venting about how irritated I was at my local feed store. They jerked me around for 6 weeks telling me they were giong to order my Partridge cochin roo and ended up not even trying to order and just said they couldn't. Well TSC said they would for me as a special favor because I worked there for a year. So one of my former co-workers called and said that the manager has him (the cochin roo) ordered and that he would be in on the 18th....So here I am all excited that this week is it, I am finally getting my Baby!!! Nope! Well this time is not as bad as last because I will still get him, BUT they can't do special orders to the store anymore! Soooo I will have 25 babies shipped to my house!!! The deal we made was that my manager would pay for them, ship them here and I would pick out my roo and drive the rest of the girls to TSC and he would sell the rest of them. I can not have more than 8 in the coop so the rest have to go.....I am worried that I will be in love at first sight ...lol...Be strong Bec, Be strong......LOL
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    mattoon ill
    does anyone know how to make sure the chickens i butcher are ok to eat or not? i am newto this and have 200 chickens now 15 of them are cornish and about 6 weeks old one has spraddle leg and needs butchered is it ok to eat?[​IMG]
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    You need to re-post this in the meat bird section...someone will help yuo there...
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    Bec I think the answer to all your troubles is you need to...........


    Good luck building a new coop for your 25 new chickens.
  5. Bec

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    I Can Not keep them all!!!! I just can't!!! LOL..... He said I will just have to bring the 24 pullets to the store .......By the way I would just LOVE to build a nice big coop!!!!! AND KEEP THEM ALL!!!!!!! LOL

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