Ok - I can't seem to find this info here....

country freedom

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Jul 14, 2007
Greater Clark County, Indiana
Easements on property
Perking of the property-land

What are they?

No, I didn't look anywhere else online.
I want to see what you say.

I am looking for property, less than 10 acres, close to home, to move to later this year.
Southern Indiana/Kentucky (near Louisville-not in Louisville).
An easement means an area of land you need to leave as a path for other land. Example you buy a lot next to the county road, the lot behind you is sold too. You may need to provide an easement, that is a path from the road onto thier lot. Usually the lot is noted as to if there's an easement or not.

Perking refers to the drainage of a plot of land, it's important to septic, wells, and flooding.

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