**Ok I just bought my 3 month olds Layena Chicken scratch??**


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May 26, 2011
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Should I be feeding chick starter still I mean I know they arent close to laying so Im not feeding laying feed. Should I be feeding chick feed still? They are just 3 months old. This is my very first flock! They seemed to eat it great!! Any suggestions? OR advice? Thanks
They should be getting 15-18% protein, so the scratch is not a complete diet for them. You can give them some, but they will need other food to make up for the nutrients not in the scratch. Unless you want to do a lot of research and math to come up with a custom feed, the easiest would be to keep them on chick starter or an all purpose feed like Purina Flock Raiser.
I don't think you need the "medicated" chick starter any more, but I'd probably still give them some kind of "growth" food, like Ariel301 mentioned, with a little extra protein. I've always been told that scratch was a treat, not a staple. Mine love it too, but I only throw a couple handfuls out for them in the afternoon. If they free range, and get lots of bugs, and fresh plants, then you might be just fine. But if it were me, I'd still offer them non-medicated chick food for another 2 months, then switch to layer.

Congrats and Best of luck with your new flock!! They are so much fun!
You can find grower food- advertised for broilers. Enough protein for fast growing pullets but without the extra calcium that laying hens need. I waited until egg number one and then immediately (and proudly) switched to layer feed. I know it seems strange to be giving them chick food when they are big girls but lots of people do it. I just found mine liked bigger bites. Chickens can be picky about the size of their food.
Ok thanks so much this old man told me that scratch food was plenty enough for them.....

Guess he was wrong! :

Thanks again for all the helpful comments!!

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