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Apr 17, 2009
Ok so I ordered 15 BO's and I didnt think that they looked right when they were little but thought that they would grow out of it. Well they are now 8 wks old and they now all look like these!! What do I have?? And do you think that the hatchery might send me what I really ordered?


I got some chicks that turned out looking like yours. I bought them at a funky little feed store.
The owner called them Meyers brown egg layers which I think he was talking about the Meyers hatchery. Needless to say, they also look like a kind called "golden comets " But for the little I do know I would definitely say you do not have BO's. Sending the picture to the hatchery sounds like a good idea.
Rachael C- mother of all
looks like you have golden comets or red sex links, which ever you prefer. great egg layers, bred for production, and should lay large to extra large light brown eggs!! congrats!

but those are not BOs, as you have already figured out, and i would contact where ever you got them from that told you they would be, and either get a credit and keep them, or get your money back
We got them from welp. Im hoping that I can get something. Cause I really wanted my BO's! But oh well. As long as they are egg layers Im good lol. My cousin thought that they might be meat birds of some kind. So idk! They are alot bigger than the RIR's I got in the same shipment...
Could they be some kind of red broiler? They are REALLY big, and they have huge stocky legs. (I am her chicken buddy...
) Plus they are over DOUBLE the size of her RIR of the same age.

I am guessing they are close to five lbs and they are around 8-9 weeks.

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