OK, I ordered 6 BBB poults from the feed store.


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
Raising them for meat will be a new experience for me.

Just a couple of questions:

Do I have to do anything differently from raising the heritage type?

How large can I expect them to get by fall?

I think that if you want meat birds it should be better getting some broad breasted white ones.

Now,I dont thing its different,all they want is space to move around and food well,to grow bigger.

The size depends on the food you give them.If you give them all this protein and stuff they will grow really fast.I just give them some corn and bran along with what they will eat outside since I have them free range because I dont want meat birds.

Happy Farming!
Feed them a high protien feed and they will be huge by Thanksgiving. If they are getting too big before thanksgiving, then cut the feed back some. They should be 30+lbs by then with good genetics and feed.
Be sure to let them out to exercise, so you do not end up having heart and leg problems. I do 5-6 each yr, I start letting them out to free range when they are about the size of a reg. LF chicken.

Is regular 22% turkey grower ok, or should I give them something with more protein. I can get 26% gamebird, that is the highest protein feed my regular feed store stocks.

Yeah, I went with the bronze because they are going to serve a dual purpose. My sister and her husband run a fly fishing guide service in northern Michigan, and they are always on the lookout for any kind of feathers to tie flies. She said that brown feathers would be far more useful than white.
I feed mine reg chick starter, then grower. I monitor the amount of feed to keep the growth in check, or you will have monster birds with health problems. If they are out free ranging they will find enough to make up the difference. I also feed alot of garden scraps as they are available in abundance at my place from mid summer to frost. With my method we end with birds that dress out at the 20lb mark.
OP I LOL when I read the title. My order started with 6 BBB, then last trip to feed store I changed it to 8. My store doesn't offer bbw very often anyway. Enjoy the birds; my boys are forever collecting chicken feathers and talking about making fishing flies--if only they knew how to make them!!!
My DH ordered a dozen bbw from the feed store without telling me. The first I knew of it was when he brought home a little box that was making a whole lot of noise
They are getting big very quickly! Their personalities are so cute, I'm thinking I might have to find some turkey eggs to throw in the incubater
Might as well, we have a little (some alot) of everything else around here.
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