ok i think i had a hawk scare


11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
my bantys are scary silly over anything that flys over them. Im thinking they must have seen one of there buddys hauled of by a hawk before i got them. Its almost funny watching them make a mad dash for cover over a sparrow flying over. Anyway today was way different i heard this skwak of alarm comeing from my front yard so i run for the front yard by the time i get there there is no chickens so i give them a call which always get them running to me. No chickens so know im getting a bad filling that something bad happened. So as i survey the yard looking for survives i cant find none. so i turn around and start looking under every bush and digging threw high grass. i spotted the roo he is on top of 2 hen ok so there not tame yet they where so terrified that i was able to walk up and touch them before they moved.so i looked around for more found 1 hen in the back yard thats 4. walk back around front the rest i found i could have step on them they where so well buried in the tall grass even the solid black one all i seen was a tail. So if it was a hawk is there anything i could do short of locking them in a pen topped with netting they free range all day. I guess i need to top my chick pen with netting never had this problem before so i thought all would be fine.


13 Years
May 4, 2008
Your Roo took good care of you hens, and got them to hide! I have a small run with netting over the top for them while I am at work, and let them out when I get home for a while, now mind you, in the winter, it will be dark when I get home...
Could be a long winter, except for my days off. But the netting gives me peace of mind, and at least they are "out" though not totally free

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