Ok I thought this funny, do you?


7 Years
Jan 26, 2012
We must all be very vigilant!

Here's a list of all of the countries eggs cannot be shipped from. And here are also where some of the most expensive chickens of the future will be Smuggled in from. Like the
Afghanistan Opium Orpington, Albania Andalusian , Argentinian don't cry for me Cockrel ,Azerbaijan Onthelawn hen, Bangladesh Exploited Textile Bantum Foul, Bhutan Buttless , Cameroon Roo, Cambodia Campfire Khmer Rouge, Egypt The Angry Street Gang Very Foul, Ghana Gameover Foul, Hong Kong Silky Chic Capitalist Capon, India Red Dotted Curried Cochin , Indonesia bring our Expensive Black Sexy Back, Iran Ayatollah Oil Rich Legup Legbar, Ireland The self-righteous Vent/ing Religious Fundamentalist Envious Longcrow Green Friar, Iraq Coastly Malaise Quagmire Moronz , Israeli Kosher Larry Wellsummers , Ivory Coast Tanned Elephant Toothless Hybrid, Japan Sushiyellowfinslanted Sussex, Jordan Kornish Petra Hen, Kazakhstan Silkie Road Le Belch , Kuwait HahaSaddamringnecked , Macau Toloud, Myanmar Military Coup Loweredbared, Nepal Mao Modern Game Hun, Nigeria Betterbequick Chic, Pakistani the GotBinLaden Onthedotte, Palestinian Non-invented Heirloom Semitic Hybrid, People's Republic of China Bo Xilai's Detrimental Daffy Chic, Romania Gypsy Kingscrow, Russiaian Snowden Underwing , Saudi Arabia Petrol Dollup Burka Suppressed Bantam Hen , South Africa Molted Melato, South Korea Mad Cowbird, The South Sudansuchamess, Darfurthecoop Pulet, Sudan Deep Black Sultan of wing, Taiwan Cheaplaborgorn, Thailand Longtimehappy Cock, Togo Ontoolongtale, Turkey LittleltinySerama , Ukraine Russian Mafia Olf , and Vietnam The Hochichowmein Marantz.

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