Ok, into the pot or not??

billy bantam

6 Years
Mar 25, 2013

This lil dude is being rude! Scareing and scaring younger flock members...im not sure his breed tho. I have 2 of them that are not high in the pecking order and are starting to bully younger birds. If they are a hard to find breed i will seperate them and find them girlfriends. If they are just common jerks, into the pot they go! Thanks for the input.
Well we bought some (as we like to call)"fancy" birds from a local "fancy" breeder. An assortment of 16 chicks. We love them all and if the problems keep up will prob sell the poor hormonal fool. Since then weve aquired 50 new hamps and buckeye pullets. The boss of the flock tries to keep him in check but like teenagers are hes acting out and others are getting hurt. Any advice??
Ok so they are silver legbars and i guess he will be sticking around for a lil while...wow hes going to be FANCY. THANKS FOR THE HELP 21hens-incharge...you just saved a life...lol.
Thanks for the info...What would be a good cross w him. We have new hamps, buckeyes, lavendar orphs,and copper marans hens. Or look for some particular breed to buy for them????????
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