Ok ... need help id'ing these guys ... beware ... cute alert


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Feb 9, 2010
Greer, SC
This lil dude on the left running full tilt towards camera is trouble ..... I'm 99% sure he's a buff brahma. Most likely a banty, but could be a standard.


This is Kitty ... the wittle sweepy chick who bounced back and seems to be doing fine.
Tabby striped orange with orange legs ?? Anyone's guess?? Her back is seen in the pic above.


Here she is 48 hours old and already texting ...

This lil chick is mostly black with a yellow pompom butt.



And this swedish cutie is as sweet as sugar ...


my guess is the black is a barred rock chick, that is what mine looked like. but dont trust me on this, i suck at id'ing lol.

and omg, they are all soooo cute!
Cool ... some ideas I didn't think about...

I think the tabby one is a Buff Orpington.

I got the "brown egg-layer assortment" so I think that's prolly more than likely.

I wonder what the white one could be?
Kinda looks like the australorp chick Mcmurray shows, they have a pic of one with black legs/yellow toes. Then again, it looks like the Barred Rock chick pic too, except they have way more white.

Oh well ... time will tell.
The black on IS an Australorp, its legs will be all black in time, all of my 8 chicks last fall were the same way when they arrived. Also missing the white spot on its head to be a BR.
Charger (the greyish chick with the yellow head)-I think Buff Brahma is right.
Kitty- Buff Orpington
the lightest one a White Rock
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