OK, Perhaps a bit too excited...


Free Ranging
12 Years
Oct 16, 2010
Here I was with a cheapo deal of 2 thermostats from Ebay for about 12 bucks and about to build my own coolerbator.

I'd even started to dremal out holes and opening in top to put plexi glass when it hit me, this is going to be about 25 to 30 bucks by the time I'm done. Yup, you guessed it; I whimped out and started looking for a good deal on an incubator. I know, it's 2 weeks till I get the eggs yet am so excited! Purchased a used LG for 37 bucks, a computer fan for 4, pulled out an old cell phone charger from the junk drawer so even picked up a warning sticker that reads "you touch my eggs then be prepared for the ass whooping of your life!" sticker.

Yeah, so spent near $45 but am justifying with hopes of better hatch rate...I know, I whimped out is all but...

So anxious and so happy. Gotta love spring!
Good for you!!!

Checking out your BYC Page, I see you are GREAT at putting things together and making them work. You SHOULD take pride in that.

I hope you have a successful hatch.

Me - I'm not brave enough to go the bater route. I just stick eggs under my broodies and let them do the work. If I could just pick the eggs a little better. Half of the eggs ended up being roos.

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