OK so its respiratory please help :(

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    Aug 8, 2014
    I now know for sure that I am dealing with a respiratory issue. I need help. :(

    I bought 11 birds...7 from one place(sick birds), 4 from another(appear to be healthy). A few days ago, I noticed a hen that was out of it, listless. Seperated her. I started to really take a good look over the girls. I treated everyone for lice, mites, and worms(the 4 healthy birds did not have evidence of lice or mites, but the other sick 7 did). Initially, I didn't see any tell-tale signs of respirartory distress, so I assumed she was sick over the mites. Then...I noticed nasal discharge and watery eyes. No swelling. But, the feathers are stinky. All these hens stink. Like rotten cheese. :/ So...now I get worried. Seperate them ALL. I bathed one of the smaller EE hens. She made a snot bubble afterwards, but it helped her stink factor.

    I have talked to 2 vets, usda folks, state extension...only hope in finding out what they have is a necropsy. They gave me great advice on how to treat, and I went out and got Tylan 50. But, I now think I need to cull. The hens are really bad off, emaciated, and it will be a long road to recovery. And, from everything I read, they will be carriers and get everyone sick if this is what I fear it is(coryza maybe?). :/

    Here are symptoms:

    -watery eyes
    -clear nasal discharge
    -crusty dirty noses
    -not interested in food/water
    -sleeping during day

    Here are my Q:

    -if this is one of the nasty respiratory diseases, how long will this virus be on my property? I keep coop really clean(using sand, clean daily), but the outside area is just dirt, and all the hens spent time out there, lounging under coop, pooping.

    -the other 4 seem fine, and are healthy otherwise, close to laying, combs getting redder...how can I tell if they are sick? They were hatchery birds so maybe they were vaccinated? I don't know.

    -I will never sell a bird just to be safe since I will be keeping 4 hens that seem healthy but may be carriers, but what happens when I bring new ones in...I want to eventually order some healthy birds from a good hatchery, and I don't want them to get sick and die...is there a way to prevent that, just to be safe, like preemptive vaccine or treatment?

    -How can I disinfect coop and area without moving birds out and replacing all bedding and soil? :/

    Can someone tell me that this will pass and I will have the healthy egg laying flock I want? :(
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    Coryza and MG fortunately are only infectious for about 3-4 days on equipment, sheos, clothing, etc. There is no way to sterilize soil, so don't bother. I would cull all birds, since hatcheries do not vaccinate for MG or coryza. If you keep the 4 uneffective birds you will probably still have carriers, so you could just close your flock, but that is up to you whether or not to cull them and start over. After a thorough cleaning and disnfections of your facilities, waiting a few months to re-populate with good healthy stock would be what I would do. Here is some good reading about diseases:
  3. heiditam

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    Aug 8, 2014

    Thank you-I will read the materials.

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